Customer Profiling, Segmentation and Mapping

We undertake Customer profiling and Customer Segmentation for our partners by describe the customers by their characteristics like age, gender, economic conditions, income, culture etc and dividing customers into the homogeneous groups according to the attributes and specification provided by our business partners.

Address Verification

We conduct Contact Point Verifications with due diligence at the minimum possible turn around times. In addition to the stay confirmation; the process also involves the assessment of Standard of living, evaluation of accessibility and contractibility and discreet neighborhood checks to ascertain the general reputation of the applicants. We also customize the verification process based on the requirements of the client

Receipt Book Management And Auditing

We undertake Receipt Book supply, collection for our business partners and also undertake manual auditing of the retrieved receipt book.

Collection Services

We are a leading Collection Service provider in Kerala, providing the best recovery services by utilizing the skills of our highly experienced executives and tele callers.

Direct VAS promotion

We undertake doorstep value added service promotion for our business partners.

Tele calling Services

We provide Telecalling Services as per customers requirements.